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Unique, Funtional, Inelligent

Kuntao Silat (pronounced 'Koon- Taw See-Lot") is one f the most effective and respected forms of martial art in the world today.  

Garuda Kuntao is a practical, powerful and efficient form of Kuntao Silat presented by Sigung Mas Judt, a 40 year practitioner of martial arts. Sigung Joe has trained and taught coast-to-coast and in other countries to share his art. Prior to studying Kuntao Silat, he was active in combat sports including Judo, Shuai Chiao and San Da rules Kickboxing. In 1989 he took the Middleweight full contact title at an invitational international San Da competition held in Atlanta Georgia that featured the Taiwan Police College fighting team.

We teach an art that proved itself in a violent crucible of clashing civilizations with a modern and organized teaching program designed to help all students achieve their goals and live their best life by tapping into their inner strength.


KunTao Silat is a rare treasure of a martial art. Elegantly simple, traditional, yet innovative and flexible to adapt to changing circumstances. Studnts practice solo and partner exercises that teach them how to unlock the hidden powers of their body and learn how to use skill instead of brute strength to overcome a bigger and more aggressive atacker. Kuntao Silat will not only challenge you physically, itwill teach you how to master all forms of interaction in life using it's principles and strategies.


Kuntao Silat is based on increasing your mind/body harmony and using your body in the most efficient and practical way against an aggressor. The strategies and methods are sraigt-forward, practical and based on principles rather than technique or raw strength. In a very unique way, Kuntao Silat makes elf defense something natural and spontaneous that effectively shuts down attackers with simple efficiency.


You may never have to fight for your life. But you will face enemies that stalk you just as efficiently as that tiger in the grass. Age, injury and just living in the modern world does damage to us that impacts our ability to live life to it's fullest. Kuntao Silat training provides holistic training that keeps you healthy, strong and supple. Ready to walk like a joyful warrior in any situation.

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